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Our Newest Addition!

We have been asked a number of times what makes the meats that we are featuring in our deli different? The best way to answer that is to tell you what they are not. During our research we reviewed every household name available and kept running into descriptions that we didn't understand, like most weren't gluten free.
Why was there gluten in the meat? That led us do
wn a path that quite frankly we didn't know existed.
Fillers, saline, binders and water, which can legally be up to 22% of the weight. One industry description is "chunked and formed," and represents the vast majority of products on the market today. Even more convoluted, at one point it was described as, "enhanced through adjunct incorporation of ingredients that make it characteristic of original meat." We still aren't sure what that means!

The quality of the products that we selected stands up against any of the premium names, and we look forward to you comparing them against the best available. And, equally important, you don't need to wonder what you are actually eating.

New Deli at Willow Mercantile!

Free-range, antibiotic & hormone free meats and farm fresh cheeses are staples you will find in our deli case. Fresh bread, deli salads made daily, and even some sweets can be found as well!

Gluten Free Wheat Bread Homemade Cookies

Antibiotic & Hormone Free Deli Salads made daily